Drakengard 3 Heads To North America In May

Drakengard 3 Heads To North America In May

All the dragon-riding and hack-and-slashing a growing action role-playing fan needs arrives with Square Enix’s Drakengard 3 for the PlayStation 3 on May 20. Want to see what comes in the collector’s edition?

Before we worry about expensive collector’s editions, let’s talk about tiered timed preorders. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Square Enix has set up three tiers of preorders for Drakengard 3. In order to receive the Japanese voice DLC for the game, fans must preorder before March 4. That’s the first tier. Those who preorder after March 4 but before April 8 only get tiers two and three — unannounced bonuses — and after April 8 only the third tier.

Here, they made a chart.

Drakengard 3 Heads To North America In May

My head hurts. Moving on, here is the collector’s edition, priced at $US79.99, limited to 5000 copies and only available through Square Enix’s online store.

Drakengard 3 Heads To North America In May

It includes:

  • All three tier pre-order incentives mentioned above
  • The Complete Novella
  • Official Soundtrack CD Sampler
  • Prequel Stage DLC — Play as Zero’s sister, One, in this additional level
  • Caim Costume DLC — Protagonist of the original Drakengard (Once equipped, stamina consumption decreases by half when using a skill)
  • Giant Baby Hat DLC — For your in-game dragon companion
  • Drakengard 3 Collectible Poster

I’ll just be picking up the $US49.99 normal edition, I should think. I am glad to see Drakengard 3 make it stateside, but not that glad.


  • Talk about kicking a man while he’s down. Is it not bad enough that the whole PAL region doesnt even get a physical edition let alone a collectors edition, Now Kotaku US has to pour salt in the wound by posting the article up here…..All I can say is ultimately F**k you SquareEnix

    • The whole tiered approach is a massive dick in the eye to would-be buyers of this game. That and the whole Japanese language option being a preorder extra…
      Square-Enix have made some horrible decisions in the last few years.

      • Good luck with that they’re exclusive to the square store and it doesn’t ship to Australia. So have to wait for the inevitably inflated copies to turn up on eBay

      • Square Enix US store exclusive for even the standard version. And fulfilled by Digital River so there’s a better than even chance that even the people ordering in the US won’t get it.

    • Totally agree with that. Don’t forget that they are releasing the physical Vita version of FFX/FFX-2 comes with digital redemption code for FFX-2…

  • Yes it does suck indeed.

    Though in good, yet to be reported on here, news it looks like the SE are going to start shipping to us from their online store now! This means that we will be able to order a lot of cool merchandise direct from their store and hopefully we’ll be able to get some of these online order only Collector’s Editions too!

  • Yes we’re very fortunate. 🙂

    But still you won’t be able to use any DLC without using a US PSN account and you won’t be able to buy the SE Online Store exclusive Collector’s Edition without getting a copy that someone’s reselling on something like ebay.

  • Siiiiiigh. This is the most upset (by a gaming related thing) I think I’ll be this year. This, Dark Souls II and Witcher 3 are my only 3 true must haves in 2014. Here’s hoping CDProjekt let me throw money at them for the collector’s edition or maybe two, since SE apparently don’t want it. I hope Play Asia manage to get their hands on some physical copies, really not keen on digital only for such an important title.

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