Everything Wrong With The Terminator, In Seven Minutes

The first Terminator movie was pretty good, I think — but if you pay close attention while you watch it, you'll find lots of silly and ridiculous details in the movie.

Maybe its better not to nitpick... or maybe its funnier if we do. Whatever you prefer, the folks over at CinemaSins caught a ton of amusing and sometimes head-shaking faults with The Terminator — it's worth giving a watch, especially if you're a fan of the movie.

And remember, the first movie is way, way better than the newer ones — so there's that.

Everything Wrong With The Terminator In 6 Minutes Or Less [CinemaSins]


    Except T2 - which is almost perfect

      It's a testament to the goodness of the majority of T2 that even a character as annoying as child John Connor couldn't ruin it.

    Gah. I love the clarity of the new Blu-ray, but I absolutely LOATHE the new colour grading. T1 is not supposed to be teal and orange. Every version I've owned of the film besides the new Blu-ray has a very 80s, pinkish tint. For whatever reason with this new release they decided that wasn't good enough and made everything teal instead. It's such a shame that they went to so much trouble to restore the film, doing a phenomenal job I might add, and then ruined it by screwing with the colours.

    On the T1 vs T2 argument, I probably prefer T1 actually. Ultimately, they're very different movies. T2 is primarily an action film. T1, on the other hand, is a thriller. They're both awesome of course, but I prefer the darker tone and style of T1 to the over-the-top, explosive action of T2. As for T3 and TS.... The story ends with T2. That is all.

      ... what makes you think this has anything to do with Bluray? You mean of their chosen video compression? Seems unlikely this would significantly shift the colour spectrum.. More likely they "remastered" it for bluray as they always do when upscaling.

        Um... I don't think you understand how the process works. The fact that it's on Blu-ray has nothing to do with the colour. Nor does the compression. The new colour grading was a deliberate choice they made while restoring the film. Rather than keep the original colour timing, they went in and changed it to give the film a more blue-teal appearance when it used to be pinkish-red. This page gives a good overview of the process (as well as some other shite things that modern "restorations" do to films, such as DNR) and specifically mentions the new Terminator Blu-ray: http://notonbluray.com/blog/orange-and-teal/

        Also, upscaling is not used for Blu-ray unless you're going from a source that was produced in Standard Definition, which makes it a waste of time because you're not getting any new information out of the picture - you're just stretching it. The Terminator was shot on film and would have been scanned at probably either 2K or 4K for the digital restoration. In other words, once they finished restoring it, they had to scale the film's resolution DOWN to 1080p to fit the Blu-ray specs, not up.


          The fact that it's on Blu-ray has nothing to do with the colour. Nor does the compression. The new colour grading was a deliberate choice they made while restoring the film.


          More likely they "remastered"

          "You don't seem to understand that they remastered it."

    I'm 30 years old and I've never watched T1, I absolutely love T2 but I just never got around to watching T1..... Might be something to do this weekend.

    I wonder if their going to start mining the back catalog of Cinema Sins?

    As the guy says it's a very tongue in cheek look at faults in the movie. Just because a Movie has mistakes doesn't make it bad. He also did Robocop recently too.

    I refuse to watch these things now because they ruin movies for me. I liked The Dark Knight Rises til I saw one of these and it makes all the mistakes stick out and the film then becomes nearly impossible to enjoy.

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