Four Gadgets Predicted By Star Trek That Are Now Real

We might not have Jetsons-style mass-produced hovercars, but when you look at some of the tech humanity has developed, you could say we're kind of living in the future. So to speak.

And Star Trek, as great sci-fi tends to do, predicted some of that 'future' — some of the gizmos presented in the show are now actually real, as this video by BuzzFeedPop shows us. Thank god, cause I always wanted to print a pizza at home — you need to make more progress on that, science!

Real Life Technology Predicted by Star Trek [BuzzFeedPop]


    Not just predicted, sometimes inspired. The first handheld mobile phone (by Motorola) was stated by the creator to be inspired by kirks 'flip' communicator.

      I would say that they all inspired; people saw these concepts and made them practical.

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