While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping. A hive of news and um... other stuff. I can't form sentences at this time in the morning. Let's just run through what happened while you were catching zZZzzs.

Flappy Birds. First no-one was talking about it because, basically, it didn't exist. Now everyone won't shut up about it. I totally did not hop onboard this hype train, so I'm happy to ignore the whole thing. But if you're the creator of Flappy Birds, you don't have a choice! He's asking people to leave him alone. Sorry buddy, that genie is out of the bottle.

Last week my brother turned 30 years old. He got a LEGO Millenium Falcon for his birthday. I thought that was pretty cool. This thing takes it to a whole different level. This Star Wars spaceship took bloody two years to build and it is massive.

Critics of Felicia Day's new haircut might want to double check what she looks like before making comparison shots. Just sayin'. This is a pretty swanky new Final Fantasy 3DS XL and these are four gadgets predicted by Star Trek that are now real.

In Short The Curtain Opens On A Special Final Fantasy 3DS XL Critics Of Felicia Day's Hairdo Don't Even Know What She Looks Like LEGO Spaceship Is Seven Feet Long, Took Four Years To Build Leave Flappy Birds Creator Alone Four Gadgets Predicted By Star Trek That Are Now Real


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