Flappy Birds In Real Life? The Cycle Is Complete

There's a life cycle to these things. First is the game, the phenomenon itself. Then come the clones, the actual video game clones. Then you get parodies. And finally, right before it all fizzles out, you get the real life version. With Flappy Bird, it seems, we are in the final stages...

This little contraption seems really well made, but I'm not entirely sure it works! It's basically an electronic, physical version of Flappy Birds in an actual cardboard box. It's like a Steampunk version of Flappy Birds.

I sort of want to play it, but I also sort of want to set the whole contraption on fire.

Via Business Insider


    There is a Mario version that was reported on over 2 years ago.


    Great idea. but I think the mario one looks better and more of a finished product than this Flappy birds one.

    Next week no one will be talking about it, just like Candy Crush.

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