The Curtain Opens On A Special Final Fantasy 3DS XL

The Curtain Opens on a Special Final Fantasy 3DS XL

Aw, look at that! They're all singing. How adorable. Upcoming 3DS game Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call is the latest entry in the Final Fantasy-themed music game series. To mark its April 24 release in Japan, the game is getting a special 3DS XL.

No word yet about a Western release for the game or this limited edition 3DS XL.

『シアトリズム FF カーテンコール』発売日決定!特製3DS LL同梱版も!! [Gpara]


    I will be mine!*

    *if it releases outside of japan. Thanks region lock!

    GAWD... that Squall is sooooo cute... i hope this gets an AU release.

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