Hideo Kojima Explains Why MGS: Zeroes Is So Damn Short

Hideo Kojima Explains Why MGS: Zeroes Is So Damn Short

So, Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes is short. Really short. That’s got a lot of people upset, considering its $US20-$US40 price tag, enough to prompt series creator Hideo Kojima to try and explain why.

While Game Informer say it took them around two hours to complete the prologue’s story mission, Kojima says that people shouldn’t be so fussed about how long it takes them to play it once.

He issued the following statement (in handy image form) over Twitter earlier today:

Hideo Kojima Explains Why MGS: Zeroes Is So Damn Short

Guess we’ll find out just how replayable the thing is when more people actually get their hands on it.

Hideo Kojima [Twitter]


  • Ok but can we all pay $40 for the next gen version in Australia too then.
    60-90 bucks is offensive.

  • I don’t know, just being able to compare and compete against other players times doesn’t strike me as something capable of justifying a short game.

    • Exactly, there’s just too many games out there to justify spending more time on one after you finish the main story.

  • I’m getting the feeling that there’s going to basically be 2 or so maps that has a bunch of different objectives – which can be tackled in a number of ways. That’s fine if you’re the sort to replay games over and over, but otherwise you might just play it a couple of times and be done with it.

  • I don’t think Kojima quite gets why most people are upset. Yes it’s short, people can handle that but when we are charged $60-$90 for such a short game? Seems like a very steep price.

  • I say if the content matches the price then it is warranted.

    Remember guys, people praise Just Cause 2 for having hours of piss-farting around while the main campaign missions are barely mentioned at all.

    and the main missions of the Elder Scroll games aren’t long but people play those games to do anything but.

    • Do remember that Just Cause 2 is like $3 for 75% of the year 😛 I agree with your point though, and I think those games succeed because their ‘open worldness’ is their hook, Skyrim was always toted as being seemingly endless in dungeons, sidequests and enemies. JC2’s game case focuses on the exploration of 400 square miles. Kojima believes his game stands equally in terms of exploration or ‘freedom of approach’, but it’s a different situation depending on whether or not GZ was directed towards the market as narrative driven or not. Obviously we would all expect more than 2 hours of gameplay if it was supposed to be an involving narrative, and we’re entitled to that at that pricepoint, so it would be interesting to see of GZ was advertised to potential buyers – is the non-linearity of GZ a key focus in the advertising?

      • Admittedly, I haven’t been following Ground Zeroes that closely, but the quote from Kojima in this very article says: This is not a linear game like the past.

  • Not sure about any one else, but I dont buy a Metal Gear title to compete with times from other people.
    Coincidentally I was thinking about MG games the other day (and whether it will influence me to buy a PS4 or not) and realised that of all the ones I played, I enjoyed MG and MG2 (the non canon one) on the old NES the most. MGS was great but by MGS 2 it was starting to get silly and then you look at Revengance and what a shamozzle of a game that thing is.

    Thats my crazy rant / tangent

    • Play MGS 3 or 4? If you dont mind long cutscenes, theyre awesome.
      If MG NES is your thing, peacewalker is not bad

      • Yeah I liked MGS3 and 4 (dont get me wrong they are great games).
        Of the MGS games i liked 1 and 3 the most. MGS 4 story wise was getting really stupid (the general premis of the story was good, but all the other stuff that was tacked on made it silly).

  • I’ll gladly pay $40 for it, but EB’s $90 is plain offensive. Not that i shop there, just sayin’.

        • Yeah, from experience they’re UK copies shipped from Hong Kong. Shipping takes 2 weeks or so but for the pre-orders I’ve had with them they’ll ship it a week or so AFTER the release date.

          I’ve got plenty of games so I don’t mind the wait, especially if local copies are going to be ~$90

    • EB Games has already said that the price online is currently a ‘placeholder’ price, and they are still awaiting the Australian distributer to give them a final price.

  • Morrowind can be completed in under ten minutes, but has hundreds of hours of content. Give the benefit of the doubt, eh?

  • What EB games is asking for it is crap.
    But alot of you need to just wait. Buy the game digitally for $30 instead of $40 for the physical.

    But whats driving me insane is that none of you know if its gonna have bigger enviroments. I know Kojima wouldnt sell the game for $30-40 unless their was more to the game.
    But Kojima doesnt control the pricing of the game, thats Konami’s job.

    But before you start cry, just wait for the reviews.
    But ill be getting this game. It will be a great MGS game, and I havent been let down by Kojima yet so I trust his ability to deliver.

    But you lot need to stop crying. Wait untill we know if its worth the cash.
    The main story is 2 hours long and side missions could be another 2 hours long.
    But Kojima has said that MGS:GZ is just to help us out while we wait for MGS 5, and considering we could be waiting untill 2015 for MGS 5, I am highly expecting kojima to release a few DLC packs for GZ not long after release that will include more missions.
    But then I reckon we will get new content along the way leading up to MGS 5’s release. But its very important that Kojima gets the first few DLC content to us for free to make everyone happy, then start charging for the rest of DLC.

  • ^^^Ditto. I love everything Metal Gear, but the price for GZ is laughable. The only reason they’rs charging that much is because its a Metal Gear game. It can’t be justified.

    Oh and who said MGR is a bad game? It was never meant to be story driven. It’s selling point was always the awesome gameplay! If you’re an MG fan and didnt know that then perhaps you should have done your research – it’s an amazing game developed by Platinum Games, with Kojima’s input.

  • Wow, one of the bullet points on EB Games says:

    TRUE NEXT GENERATION GAMING – Available simultaneously with the current generation of gaming consoles, Ground Zeroes will give PS4 and Xbox One consumers the chance to showcase the power of their new machines.

    That … that doesn’t make any sense at all. What a baffling statement.

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