I Wish Skyrim Had Towns That Looked So Idyllic

I Wish Skyrim Had Towns That Looked So Idyllic

Look at the colours. So peaceful. So pretty. Well, until they burn a witch or two.

In their most recent dev diary, the folks behind alt history RPG Kingdom Come: Deliverance gave several demonstrations of what normal day to day town life looks like in their game. Have a look:

While I adore Skyrim, aesthetically speaking, I was never a fan of its towns and villages. There were exceptions (Solitude comes to mind), but to me, most of them felt cramped, washed-out and, I guess, a bit too bleak (even for a war-torn, dragon-ravaged country).

The village in the video reminds me more of Flotsam from Witcher 2 which, though relatively small, looked so much more bustlingly alive compared to the majority of Skyrim's settlements.

The game itself is doing rather well. With six days left, its Kickstarter campaign is nearing the £750,000 milestone — which puts it way past $1 million.

Kingdom Come Video Update #5: Living world [Warhorse Studios@YouTube]


    Sweet, developed in a bomb shelter and created by people who are either way too amped or never sleep as @ 6:00, this is what creating a game is all about friends! Dedication!

    See that t-shirt He was wearing,FALLOUT 3 CONFIRMED!

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