Next-Gen RPG Has No Monsters, Magic Or Minotaurs

Next-Gen RPG Has No Monsters, Magic Or Minotaurs
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We first covered this as a project over a year ago, but today Czech studio Warhorse is officially unveiling a very different kind of RPG: Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

Due on PC and “next-gen consoles” in 2015, it’s been built on Crytek’s CryEngine 3. What’s making it stand out is that it’s an open-world RPG that’s set in an actual historical period. Taking place in the Holy Roman Empire during the last days of the middle ages, there’s no magic, no monsters, no dragons, no enchanted weapons, none of the trappings you normally expect from an RPG featuring knights and castles.

There’s just the real world. Which back then was a fairly nasty place, even without the assistance of demon spawn and dark powers.

Warhorse say it’ll feature a “nonlinear story” and “revolutionary, first-person melee combat”, which I’ll assume means they think it’ll just work. Here’s some press release fluff that adds a little more:

As players traverse expansive, strikingly detailed locales, they’ll grapple with a range of period- accurate fighting techniques, horseback combat, open-field sieges, and large-scale battles, all

while developing relationships and a reputation that will inform the greater story. Kingdom

Come: Deliverance promises no magic, high fantasy or mythical overtones – it draws its

inspiration instead from historically authentic characters, themes, and warfare.

The Czech studio is made up of people who have worked on games like Crysis, ArmA and Mafia, so who knows, they might actually be able to pull it all off. And even if they can’t, an ambitious open-world European RPG with an obsession over history still sounds like something worth keeping an eye on.


    • Yep.

      All I really want is a non broken, high fidelity, mount and blade style game for console.
      If this is even close to that, then bring it the hell on.

      • Exactly my thoughts! I’m a huge fan of medieval/fantasy set games. Often enough however they’re all monstery and magicy. Which is fine of course (WITCHER 3 HELL YES!) but I love the realistic ones like M&B and things, they’re just not on consoles. This one will be one to keep an eye on!

  • I’ll play it. When I play RPGs I try and avoid using magic cause I like to role play characters that are very unsure of all those magic folks…….though I’m a little odd and have a history of developing my own deep back stories for video game characters.

    • How interesting. I do the same. I like games with wizards and magic in the world but I almost exclusively play a rogue or warrior with zero magical abilities

        • Well then, let’s raise a toast to our group, I dub us The Mystophobes.

          I thought I’d be alone, so many people love being mages but not me. Games like Fable that force you to wield magic kind of annoy me, and I played Geralt (The Witcher) with no magic at all.

          Don’t get me wrong, I love having magic in the world, and sometimes I dabble as a mage on a 3rd playthrough (I usually hit up rogue or less often I’ll start as a warrior/knight). My wife however is all over the mage class, it’s her thang.

  • Sweet, I’ve been wanting for more realistic RPGs, swords, spears, bows etc. cool. But magic is so overdone. It’s a crutch. Or at least, I’m bored of it. I would love a historically accurate samurai RPG, less interested in ye olde English-type stuff, but hey, I might give this a go.

  • I really hope this works out well. I feel like the rpg genre is over-saturated with supernatural themes,

  • WHAT NO MINOTAURS!!! Its like they don’t know what happened during the middle ages, I don’t know if I can play a game based on our history that’s so inaccurate….

    • Minotaurs in medieval England? What are you smokin son, that’s not historically accurate you idiot. Did you even go to school?

      Minotaurs were driven away well before the collapse of the Western Roman Empire, they wouldn’t have been around at this stage. It’s mainly just trolls and ogres at this point. Sheesh, get your facts right.

      • That’s right the minotaurs sailed away from England after being “driven out” we all know it was because of the bad weather and the fear of mad cow disease.

        they settled various parts of Europe and built family friendly mazes all over the place 😉 and even started a cheese factory in Switzerland, even though that’s mainly troll country 🙂

  • Mount & Blade + Chivalry: Medieval Warfare + Next Gen Graphics + Open World + Non-linear story ???
    Should be great

  • Will it have a historically accurate health system?

    *You have sustained a minor cut with a rusty blade*

    *You have just died of tetanus*

  • “it draws its inspiration instead from historically authentic characters, themes, and warfare”

    I’ll believe it when I see GIANT ENEMY CRABS.

  • Im sick of this kind of announcement myself. I REALLY REALLY dont want to hear about anything that isn’t coming in the next 6-12 months. When you announce you game almost 2 years before its going to get released its just ridiculous and leads to massive annoyances and disappointment when everything they promise over years of extended and bloated pr is a far cry from delivered.

    I’ve lost count of the amount of times i’ve seen a trailer for something that was years away got delayed and vanished into oblivion.

    I mean really what is the actuall point announcing a game this early in development?

    Outside of this i do hope this game does get released, the consoles need at least 10x more rpgs than the last sucky generation had. Bring back the PS1 era MORE RPGS.

    • I think this was done to drum up support and hype.
      they haven’t got a publisher as yet. The game itself has been in development for around a year, & they may end up going to kickstarter.

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