It’s An Outstanding Year To Be A Homicidal Raccoon Fan

It’s An Outstanding Year To Be A Homicidal Raccoon Fan

If I may speak hyperbolically, there is nothing I want more in this life than a quality action figure of the Guardians of the Galaxy‘s anthropomorphic raccoon person. Judging by the showing at Toy Fair, this is going to be my year.

Just look at that furry little bastard up there, firing away. That’s Hasbro’s Big Blastin’ Rocket Raccoon, 20cm of rotating barrels and catch-phrases.

He’s hitting stores in July, as is the case with most of Hasbro’s Guardians goodies. Goodies like this little guy right here.

How about that? I don’t know which line he is from. Hasbro’s images call him Galactic Battlers Rocket Raccoon. It really doesn’t matter. I shall have him.

Oh, and then there is this.

That’s the Rocket Raccoon Action Mask. It costs $US20. The mouth, eyebrows and ears move. Will I wear it in bed with my wife? That’s a rude question and I am offended you would ask it.

Let’s just say I wouldn’t take it off.

What else? There’s a Titan Hero series figure for $US9.99. No pictures for that one, but it sounds large-ish. Sold.

What’s this?

Just a picture of a raccoon from the internet, you say? Doesn’t matter, still buying it.

Meanwhile, over at Comics Alliance


What’s the point? The point is that if I don’t have a room filled with Rocket Raccoon merchandise — including Halloween costumes for my children (the mask doesn’t count, sicko) — then the toy-producing industry has once again gravely underestimated the depth of my wallet when it comes to such things.


  • Wasn’t Rocket Racoon in Marvel vs Capcom 3? Imma guess he’s from either Marvel or Capcom, probable Marvel.

    • He’s in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, yup. He’s a Marvel character, and will be in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy film.

      • I see, I never played Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom, just knew he was in one of those games. I had never heard of him before then. So, is he like a popular character or something?

        • When you compare him to the heavy hitters in the Avengers that everyone knows, not really. None of the Guardians of the Galaxy have really hit ‘iconic’ status, as they don’t really have the mainstream appeal like say Iron Man or Spidey. They are, however, some of the more interesting characters in the Marvel stable.

    • He’s part of the guardians of the galaxy which includes:
      – Drax
      – Starlord
      -Iron Man

      etc etc

  • Marvel (Disney) is really putting a lot of stock into the upcoming GotG film… hoping it’s not a flop+

    • It seems kind of risky to put James Gunn in the director’s chair for the film. I like his previous work, but it’s never really had mainstream success.

      • Marvel don’t appear to care too much about directors (joss being the exception)… I’m not too fussed as long as the writing is good.

      • Because every other director Marvel used wasn’t a risk.

        Faverau – didn’t direct much besides Elf before Iron Man

        Kenneth Branagh for Thor?

        Whedon’s only other directorial effort was Serenity (sure he had a few TV shows and comics behind him)

        Shane Black only did Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Wrote plenty of actions films before, but never directed anything as huge as Iron Man 3)

        Alan Taylor (Thor 2) Russo Bros (Cap 2) – TV Directors

    • A man is a flying armoured suit is normal?
      Viking looking aliens are normal?
      A doctor turning into a big green monster is normal?
      A small guy who takes a large amount of steroids and gains height and muscle is normal?
      All of these people teaming up together to defeat aliens is normal?

      All of these are normal, but when you have a talking raccoon and tree is WTF

  • I was recently reading about the Raccoon Invasion of Japan!

    It seems that in 1977, there was a very popular Japanese TV children’s animated program, “Rascal the Raccoon”, a 52-episode serialization of Sterling North’s memoir about growing up in rural Wisconsin in the 1910s, when he had a pet cute baby raccoon. In the last episode, Rascal grew up to become uncute and destructive, and North released him into the wild.

    Japanese pet shops took advantage of the TV cartoon’s popularity and imported over a thousand baby North American raccoons to sell as pets. Apparently the North American raccoon is not really that much like the Japanese raccoon dog/tanuki, and the raccoon was considered very exotic.

    When the baby raccoons grew up, the Japanese kids knew exactly what to do with them from watching the TV cartoon. They took them outside the cities and released them into the countryside.

    Today the descendants of those raccoons are wandering the Japanese forests and mountains, sharpening their claws on thousand-year-old Buddhist and Shinto shrines, and destroying irreplaceable national treasures. It’s a serious problem.

  • hahah timing. I was just doing the Guardians of the Galaxy achievement in lego marvel superheroes just before i saw this article 🙂

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