Live-Action Patlabor Looks... Pretty Great, Actually!


    More info, like what this is Patlabor is or anything?

      I think "Iconic manga and anime franchise Patlabor " says it all really. The rest can be Googled.

      Yeah, if you missed out you should totally catch up - it was a VERY old anime/manga series for a while, dealing with piloted humanoid robots for labour ('labors) and the police force (patlabor) set up to prevent these dangerous tools from being used for crime.

      Follows the officers who pilot the police labors and the engineers who maintain them.

      The series was cute, but there were also two movies which got a little darker, more mature, and very political - they're great think-pieces. In the movies, patlabors fell out of favour with almost exclusive militarization of labors and redesigns in civilian use, but big events force the crew out of retirement to try help keep the peace (and realizing they are in well over their heads and only a very tiny piece of a much larger overall puzzle).

      It's pretty great stuff, you should check it out.

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