New Mana Game Is Coming To iOS And Android

Here's the Japanese trailer of Rise of Mana, the newest entry in Square Enix's Mana series. It's a free to play action-RPG, coming to mobile devices.

The iOS version will be out in the coming days in Japan, followed by an Android port sometime this year. There is currently no word on an international release.

Rise of Mana [Square Enix]


    I guess there's no hope of seeing a release of a quality Mana game being released on PS4, hey. Damn...

    I just want to know, since its free to play what sort of In App Purchases will they be ruining... I mean running.

    Eurgh. I wish Square-Enix would stop focusing so much on phones & release games on real consoles again! I mean, there hasn't been a good Seiken game in decades, but seeing this still hurts.

    Awesome, didn't think there'd be another mana. Hopefully, this is a kick in the pants for the series and they move on to handheld platforms where they're better suited

    " I mean, there hasn't been a good Seiken game in decades"

    Seiken Densetsu 3 was released in 95. This man speaks truth and we should all listen

      And it wasn't even released outside of Japan at that.

        That said, the fan translation was an absolute masterpiece.

          Yes, it was.

          Such a shame the game was never officially released outside of Japan.

      How about Legend of Mana? One of the best PSX games ever. One of the best games ever. If you still don't agree I think at least you'll concede it's one of the most beautiful games ever. I rest my case.

      I beg to differ slightly. The last great Mana game was "Legend" for the first Playstation, circa '98 if memory serves well. The fact that this thing uses dated 3D graphics adds insult to the injury of it being a F2P phone game with the Mana name. Mana games are all about gorgeous 2D art.

    Free = In App Purchases = Blergh Game = : (


      I read the headline and thought "Oooh, that's interesting". Then a read " free to play" and I was like "Uggh".

      You have levelled up!
      Select attribute to raise by one,
      Or click here to buy "Ultimate Mega Killer Attack 2"

      Thing is, after watching the video, this actually looks like it might be a half decent game, that will no doubt be ruined by in-app purchases.

    I was such a huge fan of Secret of Mana. I've been waiting for a proper local co-op sequel for ages and this news just ruined my day. Now I know how all those Dungeon Keeper fans felt. :(
    Oh you want to ride Flammie he can be yours forever for the measly sum of 10000GP Remember you can buy 500GP for $1 on the in game store. We're not ripping you off though because if you farm for 100 hours you can raise enough GP in game to buy Flammie. Of course you can only play 30 minutes a day unless you purchase time crystals which give you an additional hour of play per crystal for the low low price of $1 per crystal.

    Writing this makes me feel sick to my arse.

    Get ready for a shoddy game, a game with paywalls, use real money to purchases in game currency in order to get the best stuff. The paywalls will also be on many dungeons some may even stop your advance in the game. All after making you 5 star it, any less and it sends you to a support page.

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