See The New Xbox One Dashboard In Action

Get a good look at the Xbox One's new dashboard update in this video released by Microsoft's Major Nelson today.

The update — which includes improvements to party chat and the friends list on Xbox One — will go live in March, just in time for Titanfall. Looks good!


    The big question is, does it bring back friend requests and notifications? Or are they persisting with this idea the Xbox One is the new Twitter of gaming, forcing you to constantly trawl your followers list to find people trying to friend you?

      I agree dude. But the followers section isn't too bad considering it sorts them by date added.

      From the video, it seems like that is still the case. Nothing seems changed on the friend request and notification. It looks even more and more like Windows 8 now lol. His controller feel so responsive and smooth :/

    Could someone in the beta please refer me! By logging in, going to the below link and following the instructions. Gamer Tag: dkNigs

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