Does The New Xbox 360 Dashboard Look Familiar To You?

This spring, the Xbox 360 gets a sexy new dashboard update, giving the service a look and feel that should be incredibly familiar to both Windows Phone 7 owners and folks that have gotten a peek at Windows 8.

Microsoft is in the midst of a torrid love affair with squares and rectangles. They put content into squares. Then they pack those squares into rectangles. Then they make bigger rectangles out of those rectangles. I get it. I understand the attraction. I'm a big fan of boxes myself. They are a fine way to organise things.

I suppose it's about time that Microsoft begin presenting a united front. This is what the Windows Phone 7 interface wants to look like. It's what the new touchscreen tablet and PC version of Windows 8 looks like, so by gum it should be what Xbox Live looks like.


    My heart simply dropped when I saw these screenshots. I sincerely hope they give us SOMETHING in the way of customisation so I can avoid this blocky trainwreck

    Man, I only just figured out how to use the last big dashboard change. Bring back the classic sidebars!

      This is what happens when all the original 360 designers leave.

      If you want the old designs, you need the old designers.

      I think I do that every time.


      Next day:

      'Wait, they changed the interface?'

        This was actually in response to the comment below.

    This looks terrible. I shall complain and then forget about it about an hour later once I update the 360.

    It actually feels more like windows media centre to me.. Especially with the text categories along the top..

    The problem is you now lose the up/down navigation to change categories and I guess it ends up on the shoulder buttons..

    Get rid of the silly shadows and that is a lovely interface.

      agreed, shadows for an apparently 2D menu just looks weird and having space specifically for shadows defeats the whole space saving image of the boxes in the first place,

    Not bad! I still seriously miss the classic sidebar interface, but this is definitely an improvement over what it's like at the moment.

    Awesome love it - love my Win7 phone too

    Doesn't look bad at all. I wonder what (if they do) they'll offer us in ways of customisation

    Still prefered the old Blade interface. It labelled things properly and didn't try to get me to pay for things constantly. The current one is 90% sales pitch for shit I don't want with 3 things I actually use:

    -start game
    -change profile


    Looks great!

    The WP7 OS is great to use and admire, shits all over iOS and Android in terms of style and functionality, so Im happy to see this following suit.
    Its a really slick interface.

      Funny. Last I checked, WP7 was lagging hard in both sales and App selection, with single digit market share.

      It also lacked Multitasking until extremely recently.

      Tiles are just coloured squares.

        Sorry, I didnt realise I was talking about sales figures and app numbers.
        I thought I was talking about the OS look and functionality.

          "look" is a superficial and arbitrary quantity. While you might like it, I know plenty of people who can't stand Metro UI. So now it's down to functionality.

          Things Android has that WP7 lacks or is catching up on:

          More apps, multitasking, copy and paste, superior browser with full flash support, more intuitive notification system, Google Maps Nav, integrated Gmail functionality, XDA support, customisable home screens and widgets, tethering, screenshot, Swype.

            Sorry, didnt realise we were having an argument about phone features and apps.
            I thought we were talking about the look, style and functionality of the OS. . . specifically the next Xbox update style change.
            Dont know what discussion youre having.

              warcroft, I didn’t realise I suck. Thanks for the clarification warcroft.

              I didn’t realise this was a convo about a dashboard update.

              warcroft warcroft warcroft warcroft warcroft … troll.. warcroft warcroft warcroft warcroft :)

                You can always tell an argument loser when they feel the need to ridicule and name call.
                Coupled with posting under another persons name. . . real quality Steve0410.

    I really like it. Very pleasing on the eye. I can see why you'd miss customisation, but as a man who just wants a nice, clean, elegant and easy interface, this ticks the boxes.

    Once they add customization and themes it should look better. But I do like the overall design and layout. Although it does seem to me that they are focusing more on the Kinect market than the overall Xbox market.

    Shits all over it? Don't make me laugh. It has potential and I like what I am seeing above, but the WP7 can't even make up its mind about how it wants its interface to look.

    Every bloody screen and menu option is different. The WP7 doesn't have one interface, it has about 30.

      Dont know what WP7 youre looking at.

        Doesn't look like anyone's fooled by those tiles buddy.

        warcroft, I didn’t realise I suck. Thanks for the clarification warcroft.

        I didn’t realise this was a convo about a dashboard update.

        warcroft warcroft warcroft warcroft warcroft … troll.. warcroft warcroft warcroft warcroft

    Seems that they're leaving a lot of empty space there, they could have fit another column and row in without it being too cramped.

    The panorama layout should lend itself nicely to kinect navigation, as long as its not too inconvenient for those of use who don't have it

      I'm thinking, well, HOPING, that extra space is a response from criticisms that the current dashboard blocks off half of your customer Dashboard theme.

      Either way though, I prefer this to the XMB. That things needs a makeover, badly.

    dear warcroft,

    I warcroft suck.



      warcroft, I didn't realise I suck. Thanks for the clarification warcroft.

      I didn't realise this was a convo about a dashboard update.

      warcroft warcroft warcroft warcroft warcroft ... troll.. warcroft warcroft warcroft warcroft

    I love the new look,, futuristic and practical 10 out of 10

    I hate it, but then I hated the NXE too. I still prefer the old interface with it's curvy tabs that you shoulder between.

    Of course in the end, I spend almost no time looking at the dashboard so who really cares?

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