Sony Is Developing A Movie About The Console Wars Between SEGA And Nintendo

And it appears as though Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are taking on writing and directing duties.

You might have heard of Console Wars, a book by Blake Harris which focuses on SEGA's challenge to Nintendo through the early 90s with the SEGA Mega Drive. That book is due in May of this year, but a movie based on this book is apparently already in the works. A press release from Atlantic Books, who have acquired the rights for the book in the UK, revealed the news.

Sony Pictures and Scott Rudin (Moneyball, The Social Network) are developing Console Wars as a feature film to be directed by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (Knocked Up, Superbad). Rogen and Goldberg are also writing the screenplay. Harris is serving as Executive Producer, and is also co-directing a documentary on the same subject, with Rudin, Rogen and Goldberg producing as well.

The involvement of Scott Rudin is what intrigues me most. Moneyball and The Social Network were both, obviously, brilliantly made movies about specific culturally zeigeist-y moments. That sort of thing fits perfectly with a story like Console Wars.

It's obviously early days, and projects spring up and get canned so easily in Hollywood. Hopefully this movie gets made. There's scope for a tremendous movie in there.


    Unless there was some drama between the companies I'm not sure what this movie would entail, sounds interesting though.

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      I think all of the drama was imagined by 5 year olds in the schoolyard who then grew into "adults" who do the same thing online only with Microsoft and Sony, or Apple and Samsung. Though in fairness, there has been some pretty legit drama between Apple and Samsung.

      Coming at you in 2032: Patent Trolls!

        didnt they already make a move about the apple guy?

          They made a movie about Steve Jobs, I haven't seen it. I don't think it delves much into the recent patent issues and lawsuits though.

        Pirates of Silicon Valley was a good movie about Microsoft and Apple

          True, it was a very good movie, though I don't know if the Apple vs. Microsoft is even really a thing anymore. The battle has sgifted to video game consoles and smartphones.

      Actually they literally went directly at each other. "Sega do want Nintendon't" etc.
      In the Sonic Generations bonus material there is a documentary on Sonic 2 (which was marketed at Sonic Tuesday) and Sega's old CEO talks about the two companies duking it out in a similar fashion to MS and Apple.
      Could be a great movie.

    Was hoping for a Pixar animated film with consoles literally going to war with each other.

    The battle scenes shall entail schoolyards, where 10 year olds scream back and forth "MARIO IS BETTER!" "NO! SONIC IS BETTER!" "NO! MARIO IS BETTER!" "NO! SONIC IS BETTER!" And this tiny little kid in the corner, says "On my PC I have this game ZOOL?...........Just wait guys..... one day.... ONE day...."

      Zool was boss though.

        In the other corner, are two other kids, one owns a megadrive, the other owns a SNES, both going on about how their parents both bought them BUBSY THE BOBCAT...

        And everyone unites to laugh at them.

          Bubsy was a saint! you leave Bubsy Mantooth out of this!!

      Zool was designed by Gremlin as a mascot for the Amiga I think.

        It was a multiplatform game, was on the PC as well, he was designed majorly to sell Chuppachups lol

          He wasn't designed to sell them. Amiga ran out of money and had to get a sponsor.

          The freebie that came with Zool was the first time I'd had a chuppachup in years. Is it really weird that I can still remember it was a cola one?

    I'm not overly keen on Rogen and Goldberg as writers. This Is The End was brilliant, but nothing else they've written has been amazing. Also, does this mean it'll be a comedy?

      This is what I like about opinions, we all have different ones

      I actually dont know a single person who's watched This Is The End to the end... everyone I know, including myself, switched off between the 25-40 minute mark

      Seth Rogan's name attached to any project right now is a red light for disaster - he is trying to emulate the brat pack of the 2000's (with the Wilson brothers, Ferrell, Vaughn) and failing spectacularly (I'll give him Knocked Up and Superbad, at least they were great)

        My mates mostly love it. It is one dimensional, but it just hit all the right notes for me. I'm not a fan of his work other than that really. Knocked Up was ok. Superbad had its moments, but I'll agree with you that anything he does is more likely to go downhill rather than be amazing. It's definitely a work ethic of quantity over quality, but then again I found that the case with Will Ferrell as well. Can't stand the guy

    I'm a veteran of that war........even though our sega genesis's need constant recharging me and my sega brethren fought with everything we had..........Now I fight for sony.....the one true console to rule them all.

      Your sega genesis needed recharging? Wtf kind of weird genesis did you have!?

        Running off an external battery that could only be charged by a bicycle perhaps

        Truth be told I only owned a sega master system........wasn't the genesis the portable sega thing that had a terrible battery life??

        I would have joined team Nintendo but I had to buy my own game system as a kid so I got a sega for $99. A Nintendo would have cost me $145 and I had already mowed every lawn in my as a kid saving up for another month sounds like forever......

          "The one console to ruuuule them alllllll..."

          Let us chant brother...

          "...wasn't the genesis the portable sega thing that had a terrible battery life??"

          Genesis was the U.S. name for the Mega Drive.
          Sega Nomad was the thing with the bullshit battery life, I still have mine. 6 AA batteries for -maybe- 30 minutes.

          Genesis was the US name for the Megadrive home console.

          Game Gear was the handheld with shit battery life.

    Directed by Michael Bay, two competing companies must win the race to make the ultimate game console while avoiding deadly sabotage from each other. Exploding R&D consoles, Matrix-style green code hacking, sexy sex between employees of the rival companies and a high-speed car chase make this movie one to stick in your 90s cheat book.


    Directed by M. Night Shyamalan, an introverted child from an abusive family starts a gaming company. A bully from school starts a rival company and does everything to make his life a living hell. The bully doesn't realise that his company's headquarters is built on the site where 100 people died mysteriously. The plot twist is, he is both the Nintendo and Sega exec, AND the two buildings where the companies are run, because he was one of the 100 mysteriously killed.


    Directed by George Lucas, Shigeru Miyamato shot first and all the original actors were replaced with CGI

      Directed by James Cameron: the entire movie is just 2 hours of lingering closeup shots on the consoles themselves and the architecture of their circuit boards. Filmed underwater, for some reason.

    While these dramatisation of actual events movies are interesting, I'd be more interested in a movie where the console wars are told through the analogue of an actual war. Like World War Blue does.

    Keith Apicary better play some kind of role in the sega camp!

    What I find interesting is that Sony is producing. What's the bet they add an epilogue "And then Sony came in and trounced them both with a little grey box called PS"

      Yeah exactly the sort of crap sony seems to think about itself, and is arrogant enough to put in there.

        Bet it won't have the part where they helped Phillips make a CD console and teamed up with Nintendo to do the same, then went fuck has took the r&d and used it to help make the PlayStation.

    Not going to end well.

    I was initially Team Sega, having a Master System and then a Megadrive. I drew pictures of Sonic killing Mario like all the cool kids did.

    But then I got Snes with Mario Allstars and Nintendo had me after that.

    I loved both sides though and while I never bought another Sega console I still at least download demos of the latest Sonic titles out of some nostalgic loyalty (and I occasionally buy them).

    "And that is how Nintendo won... But really Playstation is the best because *50 selling points for Playstation*"

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