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Congrats to KrylonB who, right at the death, managed to correctly guess Brancha's pretty difficult haiku. It was, in fact the video game version of Labyrinth.

Today's haiku comes from Plime and it's just about the most vague haiku I've ever read, so um... have fun with that!

When rest is ruined By misunderstood tyrant Minions will be flamed

This is HaiTaku. We write haikus about old video games and leave it you to guess what game we're talking about. If you want to submit a Haiku feel free. Send it here!



    or, perhaps Dungeon Keeper?

    Last edited 25/02/14 12:01 pm

      yeah, was going to say Overlord. But its still likely Biker Mice from Mars

    Final Fantasy VI?

    Yoshi's Island? (The last battle where baby Bowser wakes up and gets a bit cranky)

    Haha, this is probably my most successful (or unsuccessful, depending on how tou look at it) Haitaku yet. Keep on guessing, guys!

    Kirby's Dream Land?

      Or any of the games with king Dedede in it :P

        And in a surprising turn of events, Zar guesses about 15 Kirby games instead of just focusing on the one of those that includes a "misunderstood tyrant" and "ruined" sleep!

        Last edited 25/02/14 7:17 pm

          When i saw a "misunderstood tyrant" i automatically thought of Dedede, but he has been in so many games, the "rest" part didnt click with me

            Yeah, I actually was thinking of King Dedede when I suddenly thought of the phrase "misunderstood tyrant" and I was like YES, STICK THIS IN A HAIKU! So I essentially just built some violent imagery around it, hoping to confuse readers into thinking of more violent games a.k.a Overlord and Kingdoms of Amalur instead. Then, people could all facepalm the next day when the image clue would be all pink and purple! However, you and also gnawnborg (with a Yoshi's Island guess) managed to break through this facade. Good work!

              I guess its from reading this comic all the time that helped

                Oh wow, that is actually my favourite web comic! I love the guy's depiction of King Dedede; of course the correct answer would come from a Brawl in the Family fan!

    Legacy of Kain

    Command & Conquer?

    I see it as:

    Rest = (Brotherhood of) Nod

    Tyrant = Kane?

    And the "Minions will be flamed" could refer to the troops bursting into flames after being zapped by Obelisks of Light or hit by Flame Tanks.

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