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A lot of people, quite rightly, slagging off yesterday's HaiTaku on account of the fact that it wasn't a haiku! I don't know why I thought 'dolla' was one syllable. I just don't know! Anyway: no-one guessed it correctly. So I'm doing another haiku for the same game!

Here is yesterday's (edited for haiku-ness).

A bird is on fire. Green door, red door. Dolla bill. Numbers on the keys.

Here's a new one!

Pirates are scary John Cain you've done it again 1984

This is HaiTaku. We write Haikus about old video games and leave it you to guess what game we're talking about. If you want to submit a Haiku feel free. Send it here!


    Kingdom Hearts 2?

    Monkey Island?

      I was like, "Hm. Interesting. Where are there scary pirates?"
      Brain: "Ghost pirate LeChuck!"
      Me: "Yes, but none of the other clues fit, so it's not that."
      Brain: "Doot do deet doot do deet doot do deet doot.."
      Me: "FOCUS, brain! Focus! Get it together, what could this haiku be?"
      Brain: "Nope.avi. You get Secret of Monkey Island midi now. Mmm, Melee Island theme!"
      Me: "Ugh. Fine. How long will you be?"
      Brain: "Preeeeeetty much indefinitely. Try to work around it."

    Well John Cain was premiere of Victoria in 1984. Did he have his own video game. Maybe one where he fought pirates?

      Could mean it was by a Victorian developer.

    Phoenix Wright

    I'm trying to find a version of it where Phoenix Wright defends Captain Birdseye

    Ghostbusters: The video game

    yesterdays one is Castlevania: Lament of Innocence

    Wow, nice misdirection on this one ^_^ There was an Australian politician named John Cain who was a Marxist before he was the leader of the Labor party, that made me sure 1984 referred to the novel not the year :P. I figured the pirate bit was the red herring not the rest ^_^

    One thousand nine hundred (and) eighty four is nine (ten) syllables!
    This is an outrage!

      I'm still pondering whether "fire" is one syllable or two. I'm leaning towards two.

        In the dictionary i believe it says 1.

        This one varies based on accent.

          I can see that, I tend to say it like "Fy-er" or "Fy-ya" depending on the context. Each for me is two syllables though. Damn, now I'm going to be wondering how to correctly pronounce "fire" all day.

            I can't quite figure out how to put it into words, especially since most words I could compare it to there is a good chance you would also pronounce those with two syllables. I suppose you could think about it like the word "eye", but with a little tweak to the sound on the end, just not enough to call it another syllable.

        Man, that shit haunts me too. The first time someone told me it's only one syllable, it completely ruined my understanding of what a syllable is. Even now I don't know. What are the rules? Where do they apply?

        The only time I've heard "Fire" pronounced one syllable was by a very American chap, a southern accent I think. Specifically, in the 10th season of Red Vs Blue. The director. He's all "Fuh!" or something. Hard to write out a one syllable word that's supposed to be two. Can't find it on youtube though.

        Last edited 18/09/13 12:48 am

    Still waiting on the 3 i sent you Mark.

    Ok, going out on a limb

    The Sims Freeplay by FireMonkeys Studios.

    A bird is on fire - Firemint did Flight Control for the iPad
    Green door, red door. Dolla bill. - Freemium costs associated with in app purchases
    Numbers on the keys - Firemint joined forces with Iron monkey to form FireMonkey. Mint on Monkey.

    Pirates are scary - Reference to freemium model disuading pirates?
    John Cain you’ve done it again - John Cain a Victorian Premier?
    1984 - An novel based in "Oceania"/Australia

    Australian Based Firemonkeys Studios created Freemium model based Sims 3 where you can customise the house.

    Last edited 17/09/13 4:48 pm

    Enter the Matrix.

    Or possibly Ultima Forever for completely other reasons

    im going out on a limb here and saying Command and Conquer.

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