This Man's New PS4 Should Have Been Free

This Man's New PS4 Should Have Been Free

Thought: If you're going to go to a PS4 launch event in Japan wearing this costume, you should get your console for free. What a costume! At least he didn't bring a fake machine gun to the launch.

No, that was this guy!

This Man's New PS4 Should Have Been Free

Both scenes are from Friday's PS4 launch event in Tokyo. Both show fans getting their PS4s as the system went on sale in Sony's home country. In the second shot, you can see PlayStation boss Andrew House (holding the PS4) and Sony's head of PlayStation business in Japan, Hiroshi Kawano, flanking the lucky first consumer. Bonus points if you can identify the man to House's right.

Photos: AP Imges/Koji Sasahara


    Edit: Ok so maybe after reading that's NOT Jackie Chan....................................................... Or is it. #plasticsurgery

    Last edited 25/02/14 9:08 pm

      I was totally like, "Damn… that's Jackie Chan!" and then after reading your comment, "Am I racist?"

      Last edited 25/02/14 10:16 pm

      After reading these comments I tried to Google if he was at a ps4 release and it gave me this page Lol

      Last edited 26/02/14 4:50 pm

    Yup, if you're gonna dress like a dick in a broken condom you deserve a free PS4.

    He does deserve it for free, he needs the money for therapy.

    Wonder if the japs are loving Knack as much as the rest of the world is... O_o at least they can watch people play Titanfall soon

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