Crazy Man In A PS4 Costume Tries To Crash An Xbox One Party

On YouTube, Megwin TV is a Japanese comedy collective. One of its members dressed up in a DualShock 4 costume and tried to get into an Xbox One launch party. That not only takes some balls but also a large fake controller.

Trolling Xbone Launch in PS4 Costume [Megwin TV]


    that was actually pretty lame - the reason why he didn't get let in had nothing to do with the fact he was dressed up as a PS4 controller. What was that "I thought they were going to kill me" crap at the start all about? That security guard could not have looked more disinterested and bored if he'd tried.

      Exactly what I thought, if he had his own badge he would have been able to get in.

    Overstated and exaggerated but expected.

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