We Made Felicia Day And Freddie Wong Interview Each Other

We Made Felicia Day And Freddie Wong Interview Each Other

Internet sensations. Gamers. Co-hosts of tonight’s D.I.C.E. video game awards. And now… Felicia Day and Freddie Wong are also Kotaku interviewers. One time only! They interviewed each other for Kotaku today. About games. About life. And just a bit about taking baths and what to do with nasty Internet comments.

Up first, Freddie interviewing Felicia…

Next, Felicia interviewing Freddie…

Watch the 2014 D.I.C.E. awards live on Twitch tonight starting at 10:30PM ET/ 7:30pm PT.

You can see Freddie Wong’s coolest online videos at RocketJump. Fund the third season of his series Video Game High School here. For all things Felicia Day, check out her site, Geek & Sundry.



      • Correct. A YouTube personallity (correction, a Female YouTube personality), can only remain succsessful as long as she remains exactly the same as to what her core audience is accustomed to. any changes are simply unacceptable.

        (I might also take this chance to ephasise the fact that this, as well as the previous comment, were intended to be taken completely as sarcasm)

        • Ah ok.

          You might want to add the comment “sarcasm intended” at the end of your sentences when you do that so people get the full story. Also sure you know but typing in all caps is considered as shouting, you might want to add to add that too 🙂

          • I usually try to make my sarcastic comments as ridiculously over the top and obnoxious as possible so that will be obviously fake, but then i forget that people are actually posting this kind of stuff every day.

    • Yeah it really is disappointing that she cut her hair. Why go and do a thing like that to your fans.

  • If only PewDie Pie was in on it, that would be my YouTube Fav trifector! These guys rock!!

  • It’s not the hair that killed my enthusiasm for Felicia Day…Supernatural killed any good feeling I had for her. Such god awful and painful cameos/appearances by her.

    We get it, she’s a gamer..you didn’t have to make her one giant stereotype.

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