Battlefield 3 Gets The Freddie Wong Treatment, And It's Pretty Damn Good

Battlefield 3 has finally figured out that the key to making a successful television ad is not to pick a theme song whose essential lyrics must be bleeped, and just put it all in the hands of filmmaker Freddie Wong.

Using Back to Karkand's forklift and "online battle tactics that many of you should know and love," Wong, with Sam and Niko from Corridor Digital, with this 60-second spot in just 10 days. It will begin airing soon. Freddie's excited, and he's also excited that he got to use real explosions and a tank. And we're excited for him.

[h/t LulzJager]


    Funny lookin forklift brah.

      true, funny looking forklift..false... advertisement?!

        They rented the same one from the expansion.

    Funny, but I hope they make a series of these and not just the one. It doesn't really make sense to have only one ad like this...

    Haha, great ad. The C4 thing is what me and a buddy do with my EOD bot.


    HEADLINE: "Battlefield 3 Gets The Freddie Wong Treatment"

    FOOTNOTE: "Wong, with Sam and Niko from Corridor Digital"

    Yeah, when something is co-created, you don;t act like a dick and only point out the guy you like. That's poor journalism.

      Dude, the video itself says 'FreddieW TV Commercial' - he's clearly the main guy.

    There is a Forklift in the expansion, so no, not misleading.

      Although that's a bobcat in the video, not a forklift.

        It's a bobcat in Back to Karkand, so they were right in the video. Wrong in the article.

    It's not a forklift, it's a bobcat! :)


    Yeah no tines on that sucker,could imagine some of the people making comments walking into a toolshed and not knowing what a ratchet is lol. yup bobcat as we know it even though its just a brand name. The proper name for it is.......skid steer

    Haha, I like how they spam the detonator... just like in the game :P

      Unless I'm mistaken, that's because you have to hit them multiple times as a safety feature.

        Really? I never knew that. That's something they don't show in the movies.

          If you expect real life to be like the movies...

    I have had someone on Wake Island try and run me down in one of those bobcats/skid loaders/skid steers. I shot him quite easily because a: there is no protection whatsoever in front and b: they seem to drive slower than the usual small vehicles. Even the ad shows it moving SOOOOO slow after they

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