While You Were Sleeping

Morning all. It's Wednesday... what's the small talk script for Wednesday? Oh, riiiight. It's hump day. Phew. A little bit closer to the weekend guys! Here's the news you missed...

Every evening as I put my kid to bed I read him three books. I let him choose because I think it's cute, but he chooses the same damn books every night! I'm bored as hell! I want these children's books. They have Nintendo characters. They look cool!

We've got a bit of a Rubik's Cube master in our office — Lifehacker's Angus Kidman. But even he was blown away by this. Never mind how fast someone can solve one cube, look how fast this dude solves five of them.

This is Arrested Development meets Mass Effect, these are the best fighting games we never got, and these are easy cosplay ideas using everyday stuff!

Have a good one everybody!

In Short Nintendo Characters Are A Perfect Fit For Children's Books Arrested Development Meets Mass Effect The Best Fighting Games We Never Got Easy Cosplay Ideas Using Everyday Stuff Solving One RUbik's Cube In Record Time Is Impressive, Five Is Magical


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