Yep, That Looks Like A Feature-Length Minecraft Movie

Yep, That Looks Like A Feature-Length Minecraft Movie

Fan films come and go, but making a feature-length Minecraft movie? That's taking fandom to a whole new level.

Enter Birth of Man, the Minecraft fan-film from Rocket Jump co-creator Brandon Laatsch. So far, only the trailer and a Kickstarter exist (the goal is $US600,000), but I would not put it past the internet to make this thing a reality.


    How long is "feature length"?

      feature-length films must have a running time of more than 40 minutes, but of course, most are usually over an hour.

    Sure, the trailer was amusing, and had good CG. But what story?

    His heart is in the right place, and he called out some pretty big movies for being disappointing, so I hope he does a good job. If it works out like he hopes, it could be something really special.

    He used to be a minecraft adventurer, but then he took an arrow in the knee.

    Ok did some detective work this morning to figure out what happened with this cancellation.

    First it seems Notch objected:

    Being a fan of Brandon I found it odd that he would continue without some kind of tacit licensing. I remembered his Q&A video talking about Mojang's branding guidelines.

    Having read them, it appears he has followed them in every way and is actually totally on the right. You can read them and let me know if you agree here:

    So it appears to me, Mojang via it's guidelines has offered a license to create commercial projects exactly like this. Brandon moves forward, Notch see's half a million dollars and objects immediately sending in the lawyers.

    Any chance a journalist could follow up on this and try get some more details or a comment from Mojang?

    It would also be nice to reach out to a law expert and see if Mojang should be held to the terms it set in it's open guidelines.

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