A Game Where You Don't Play As Someone, You Play As Everyone

Sonder is a sci-fi third-person action adventure game. So far so expected, but it has a neat twist: you're not playing as a single character.

Instead, while the narrative plays out, you're free - and encouraged - to switch between characters and play the role of anyone in the game. The idea being that while there's only a single story being told, you can see it multiple times through multiple sets of eyes, bringing you a new experience each time.

The motivation behind this is to get the player thinking not about right or wrong, but about perspective. You might make a tough call as one player that you think is right; experience the decision from another player's perspective and it might suddenly seem like a mistake.

Interestingly, while this sounds like a singleplayer game, the developers say that there'll be multiplayer as well.

Also: Alan Parsons sci-fi video game trailers are my new favourite thing.

sonder is still super early in development, but it's being planned for PC and "next-gen consoles".

sonder [official site]


    Wow, this has me really interested.

    The concept of "sonder" itself I feel should be driven home into people more, especially with the whole online-anonymity problems we experience. Anything to give perspective to people is a good thing in my books.

    Does it have David Cage brand emotions though? Also, how do you pronounce Sonder? Is it like wonder, or is it like ponder?

      ponder of course. Only heard of wonder pronunciation when saying "Torn asunder!". I like the way the ship looks in this game.

    "A Game Where You Don't Play As Someone, You Play As Everyone" - That's called being the DungeonMaster in Dungeons & Dragons.

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