Open World Survival Game Reroll Will Be Single-Player With Co-Op

Rust and DayZ have set the tone for survival games going forward: brutal, multiplayer affairs from a first-person perspective, set in a post-apocalyptic scenario. Pixyul's Reroll wants to turn this trope on its head by introducing top-down strategy-like gameplay, an isometric view and a strong single-player component.

Despite it post-apocalyptic overtones, Reroll is set during the world's collapse, with real-life cities falling one after the other, as this article by Dave Cook over at VG247 explains. It'll also focus mainly on the single-player experience, rather than multiplayer, though co-op is up there too.

You may remember that Pixyul is scanning the Earth with drones in order to recreate the whole planet in-game and while it's true this is a mammoth task, the developer has been able to take shortcuts:

"We will not do this for the entire planet, [as there's] no point in scanning the oceans, they represent 71% of the planet surface, same for some forest, deserts, Arctic and Antarctica, to give some examples. We will recreate those accurately at scale using procedural methods. They are already a lot of these resources out there."

I can't think of an experience less appealing than the cut-throat, almost masochistic gameplay of titles like DayZ, so the idea behind Reroll is exactly what I'd be looking for in a survival game.

ReRoll: drone-scanning the planet to make the biggest game world ever [VG247]


    Yesssssss. I hate that DayZ and its proteges have dominated the 'survival' genre by using the setting as a glorified PVP arena. Definitely want something like this.

    if this turns out as good as it sounds. I will buy whatever console/ equipment needed to play it. I love the survivor stuff in fallout, but don't anticipate seeing fallout 4 anytime soon. but if it doesn't come out well, we always have the real apocalypse to look forward to. :D

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