Child Of Light's Co-Op Channels The Spirit Of The Wii

While Ubisoft's charming platform role-playing game Child of Light is skipping Nintendo's last-gen console, the spirit of the Wii lives on inside it's utterly charming co-op gameplay.

The game's circle of light co-op partner reminds me of so many Wii games — titles like Super Mario Galaxy, where player two could take up the Wii remote as a helpful pointing object. Ubisoft's take on the friendly cursor seems a bit deeper, but the idea's basically the same.

Child of Light is coming to both PlayStations, the Xboxen and PC at the end of April. I might just pick it up on the Wii U, for old time's sake.


    I still don't understand why this game is not coming for WiiU. It seems to me to be the one console with the bigger already installed market for these kind of games.

      It is coming for Wii U...

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