Epic Mickey 2 Rumoured For Spring 2012 Release

An online newsletter from Disney has again confirmed long-circulating rumours about Epic Mickey 2, and says the game will release on PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii in spring 2012, reports the site StitchKingdom.com.

The original Epic Mickey, released in 2010, was a Wii-only title. Epic Mickey 2 will feature co-operative multiplayer play, according to the newsletter. Destructoid reported the same rumour, also coming from a marketing survey, back in August, though at the time no launch window was given.

The co-op play will apparently be a two-player split-screen mode, in which one player plays as Mickey and the other as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, who was Walt Disney's first cartoon star.

The Wii U is to launch sometime in the last half of 2012. It'll be backward compatible with original Wii titles and peripherals.

Rumor: Co-op Multi-console Epic Mickey 2 To Release Next Year [Game Informer. h/t Paradox me]


    A little surprising. Didn't the first one flop?

    I bought it, and only played about 15 minutes. It was just kind of boring.

      Agree, major letdown.

      I hated the jumping mechanics and the fact none of the characters had voices

      It seemed like it had alot of potential, it being an open world platformer (which we havent really seen since the N64) and after seeing the concept art and all, but yes ultimately it was kind of childish and disappointing.

      If you consider 3 million sales on a supposedly dead platform a flop...then YES it was a flop.

    Everyone was expecting kingdom hearts, that's why it was such a disappointment.

    everyone was expecting a dark disney game from all the concept art and then disney said woah wait we cant have our characters dark and take away ps3 and 360 versions there that will help this game sell.

    Sweet! If this is true, I bet that the ps3 version comes with a hd upgrade of the original. Seems to be a trend with ps3 games lol

    From memory it sold really well. If it turns up on Xbox I'll be interested - if any genre has been neglected this gen it is the 3D platformer.

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