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Lords of Shadow 2 — the latest variation in Konami's long-running Castlevania series — let you play as Dracula . Its upcoming add-on will keeps it in the family, making the alpha vampire's albino spawn playable in the Revelations DLC.

Set during the period where Dracula lay dormant for 1000 years, Revelations will be a story-centric prequel to the events in Lords of Shadow 2's main storyline and will see Alucard using different powers and abilities:

The DLC expands the incredible story of the recently-released sequel, with the fate of the Belmont clan unveiled. Alucard has his own unique, powerful abilities, including use of the Glaciem and Igneas powers, in addition to vampiric abilities which allow him to transform into a wolf, a swarm of bats and even turn back time. Blood also fuels capabilities, as drinking the blood of enemies will intensify immortal powers.

No word on how much it will cost to play as Dracula's good-vampire son but the DLC will be downloadable on Xbox Live, PSN and Steam.

CLD ainaveltsaC nI snruteR draculA
CLD ainaveltsaC nI snruteR draculA
CLD ainaveltsaC nI snruteR draculA
CLD ainaveltsaC nI snruteR draculA


    I may be ignorant to a particular reference here but what is with the title? Most of it is reversed except for the word "Dracula."

    Add to that the inexplicable capitalisation of both the first and last letters in each word and you have yourselves a hot mess.

      The entire article title is reversed. Reading it backwards is "Alucard Returns In Castlevania DLC"

      Character in the game is called Alucard, or Dracula backwards. It's a little joke on the ridiculousness of that.

        Alucard as a character has been around a lot longer than Castlevania has:

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