David Bowie Is Every Metal Gear Solid Character Ever

David Bowie Is Every Metal Gear Solid Character Ever

This was doing the rounds over the weekend, so apologies if you’ve already seen it: watch as David Bowie is revealed to be every bloody character in Metal Gear Solid ever.

As cool as this is, it’s technically already been done. David Bowie is in pretty much every video game ever. Actually, scratch that. David Bowie is in every Japanese video game ever.

(Tangent: I have a theory about this. It’s a combination of Japanese perceptions of western people and the fact that David Bowie is, in fact, a complete shape shifter. Bowie looks like what Japanese people think every Western blonde male looks like. You could probably make an argument for David Beckham being in every single Japanese video game as well.)

Annnyyyyway. This is pretty cool.



    I would put it down to Kojima’s man crush seeping into his work subconsciously.

    • Kojima or Yoji Shinkawa? Shinkawa is the character designer so maybe it’s Shinkawa with the barely-repressed man crush for David Bowie? lol

      • The credits for every Metal Gear Solid I have ever seen list Yoji Shinkawa as “lead mechanical designer.”

        And I don’t give a fuck what the internet says!

        (sorry ’bout that… this is what happens when ya lurk in the VG/247 comments section for too long…)

        • But, but… the Internet!

          But MGS Wikia says that he’s the primary character and mechanical designer in the MGS series.

          • He is, for the most part. There are some other designers who have worked on MG too, I think MG AC!D had a different designer, but still involved Yoji Shinkawa.

      • Trust me, it’s Kojima, he LOVES bowie and never skips a chance to reference him in some way.

        Yoji Shinkawa’s designs often look pretty different to how the final 3D models turn out, not that that’s a bad thing, both are equally rad. I’ve seen some docos and read about how he uses influences to base the look of characters on certain people, such as Lee Van Cleef who was the inspiration for Old Ocelot.

  • Man, now I need to rewatch Labyrinth … It’s been far too long since seeing Jareth’s crotch take up a whole screen in eye blistering hd

  • I would totally watch a Metal Gear Solid movie where all the parts were playing by David Bowie.

  • How can he be playing every Metal Gear Solid character ever if he’s busy running The Guild of Calamitous Intent?

  • With all the david Bowie references throughout metal gear like diamond dogs and major zeros other code name being tom I wouldn’t be surprised if character designs were influenced by bowie. There’s a movie called merry Christmas mr lawrence which is about english prisoners in a japanese war camp. It also starred a famous Japanese pop star so it would have been a hit in japan. With kojima being a movie buff and bowie fan he most likely has seen this too. The photo with bowie in a military uniform is from that movie. I read he intended to put bowie songs at the end of mgs3 too.

  • And there’s Major Tom. And Big Boss’s new unit is going to be called Diamond Dogs. And TPP will be set in 1984. Bowie references everywhere.

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