Death Is 20 Cheeseburgers Becoming One Giant Cheeseburger

If Inception were a cheeseburger, this is monstrous creation is exactly what it would be.

Epic Meal Time returns with a creation that is a tad baffling to figure out. The two giant buns on this thing are made of mini cheeseburgers, which then come together to make a "stuffed" pizza. The patty between these buns has a pizza in the middle, and it's also the base for another pizza. And naturally there's also bacon in here.

They call it the "pizza cheeseburger", and I'm not sure that's accurate, but damn if I can figure out what would be more appropriate. What I do know is, I kind of want a cheeseburger now. A normal one, that is.

Pizza Cheeseburger - Epic Meal Time [Epic Meal Time]


    My heart just stopped, but I desperately want a piece.

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