Eight Things You Might Not Know About The N64

Just because you've used the N64 before doesn't mean you know everything about it, hotshot. The 18-year-old console has a curious history behind it, after all.

Here's DYKGaming/Normal Boots with their ever-informative "Did You Know" series, which this time walks us through all sorts of cool trivia about the N64. Watching the video means you'll get to learn all sorts of things, like:

  • The code name for the N64
  • Why they claimed to stick to cartridges instead of moving to another format (and why people thought these claims were bullshit)
  • The limitations that cartridges presented
  • Some of the hiccups that launch games experienced, particularly when it came to graphics
  • How Goldeneye was developed using estimation of N64's specs
  • Why they changed the N64's original name
  • What some of the lesser-known add-ons for the N64 were (like a disc-drive! and a mouse)
  • Some lesser-known games and programs

Informative, fascinating stuff. And hey, if you know all this stuff? Pat yourself on the back. I want you on my trivia team!

Nintendo 64 - Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Brutalmoose [DYKGaming]


    Welcome to stuff posted on the internet a few days ago! I can't wait for the next recap of something I see today on here in a few days!

    Thanks for actually writing the points out. I wasn't expecting that. :)

      I actually clicked on the link to hurl abuse about the inevitable lack of points, was pleasantly surprised.

        But, the points written our are headlines, they're not the actual content. It's a start, I guess.

        lol still had to watch the whole video.. But better than usual, so I cant whinge too much!

      Except the irony is that what the points cover was written out, not what they actually were meaning you still have to watch the video to find out...

      Last edited 12/03/14 10:58 am

        Yeah I know, maybe I shouldn't settle for that, but it's a marked improvement and if I am going to watch this video I would probably skip through it only to hear about 3 or 4 points that Patricia mentioned were covered.

        It gives you a reasonable idea of what to expect in the video without spoilering an interesting watch. Otherwise why make a video in the first place?

        Screw videos with their visual and auditory information! Context free bullet points for everyone!

        The info should be enough to let you know if you want to watch the video. So it was pretty much perfect.

          Well, the video is very well made, so just watch it. Or; just stop & smell the roses one time.

      Well she doesn't actually state what the points actually are though..

      Edit: Arghh did not see GerminalConsequence's reply

      Last edited 12/03/14 1:00 pm

    Best console ever!

    It didn’t get the most games, but N64 titles take up more places on my top 10 list than any other console.

    I also think that the early 3D graphics used on most N64 games actually hold up really well today. The way that the textures were never particularly detailed in the first place due to the space limitations of the cartridge means that N64 games, particularly when running at a higher resolution, actually look better on my giant TV than a lot of PS2 games do when played on a newer TV.

      Really? I find the N64 gives me motion sickness on my 46" LCD, while older graphics like the NES and SNES hold up awesomely on the big screen, scaling really well. Keen for the N64 HDMI out mod to be released so I can play it on the big screen again.

        Well, what you need is component cables. And even better - RGB-Scart cables. And also an SLG-in-a-box.


        Most scalers on modern screens are cheap and nasty. External is better.
        These guys custom build all their kit, and it is worth the premium

        Last edited 12/03/14 1:51 pm

    Curious. Might actually watch this when I get home, if I don't forget about it.

    "Crap how can I write an article about this? I KNOW I'LL COUNT IT." - Video games journalism 101

    N64 expansion pack! Yeah, I had one of those bad boys.

    Does Nintendo realise why Super Mario 64 + Nintendo 64 was so mind-blowing a the time? Powerful hardware plus beautiful game design. I really hope those rumours about a new Nintendo console with specs that outclass both Xbox One & PS4 are true. I really want that experience of amazing Nintendo games on powerful Nintendo hardware, to return to the gaming landscape.

    I still remember when the N64 dropped in Australia - there were demo booths in many shopping-centres and it really had the literal effect of making people stop what they were doing, and walk over to check it out! I saw many peoples heads doing full 180 degree turns, as their bodies continued onward, as if everybody suddenly had Earthworm Jims' robotic super-suit!

    Haven't seen that effect since.

    watching that made me realize how much I liked/like and miss Banjo Kazooie

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