Goat Simulator Now Has A Release Date

And that release date is April 1. Of course it is.

Yes, according to Coffee Stain Studios, the team working on the game, Goat Simulator will hit Steam on April Fool's day. Really, when you think about it, you wouldn't have it any other way.

But what if Goat Simulator is just a massive, pre-planned, super elaborate April Fool's joke? I don't know if my poor old heart could take it.

Surely not. This game must exist. It must be released. It has to be released.


    I hope this game is like the old tony hawk. Where you get to string goat tricks together to get massive goat combos.

    Please be real, please be real, please be real, please be real, please be real...

    Read the article title, was excited.

    After glimpsing the date, I call bullshit. Boo hiss, why do April Fools jokes have to be things that SHOULD be real?

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