Life-Size Titan Falls In Middle Of Berlin

Life-Size Titan Falls In Middle Of Berlin

Passengers at this Berlin train station would be forgiven for cloaking then running for the nearest doorway after seeing this as they emerged from their escalator ride.

This life-size Titan replica looks like something that would have previously made an appearance at a trade show - maybe even GamesCom, given this is Germany - but it's always more imposing to see it out in public, where people are more likely to go "HOLY SHIT" than "huh, Titanfall".

Real sized Titan in Berlins Hauptbahnhof [Reddit]


    They could have at least given it an interesting pose. It's just kinda standing there, it looks bored almost

    If you aren't going to give it a pose don't build a statue, this reminds me of the robocop statue they built in Detroit.

    Totally need one of these in Sydney at Town Hall or Wynyard!

    Last edited 16/03/14 12:08 pm

    they had one of these at ebgames expo in sydney

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