'Marvel Vs Seinfeld' And Other Games No One Asked For

Once again, Pete Holmes shows off his favourite fictional games, and while some of them might sound horrible (I don't even wanna touch something called Middle-Age Mutant Ninja Turtles!), some have potential.

'Marvel vs. Seinfeld' and Other Games No One Asked For

My Newman, Soup Nazi, Bob Sacamano (he'd be a secret character I guess) trio would beat anyone with ease.

All The Games: Number 5 [YouTube]


    Could u imagine tagging out jerry for Kramer, this door appearing on side of screen then Kramer busts through and random clapping occurs.

    I still reckon Seinfeld deserves a pinball machine.

    Speaking of things no one asked for, none of these seem clever.


    I won't be checking out this guys other material.

    Really? A Donkey Dong joke? I'm not one to be saying 'That's so 1990's, but...

    Always thought his stuff was a bit hit and miss, but he's been missing a lot more lately.

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