Meet The People Who Want A One Way Trip To Mars

200,000 people volunteered themselves to take a one-way trip to Mars, these are the stories of some who volunteered. It's a wonderful short documentary (just over 11 minutes wrong) and it's a depressing watch, but worthwhile.

I have a couple of thoughts. People who would actively volunteer for a mission like this might not be right for the job. A lot of these people seem to find socialising difficult and the simple fact is a job like this requires intense co-operation with others.

As a father, I can't understand why anyone would want to leave their children. That thought leaves a strange, horrible feeling hanging low in the pit of my stomach.

If this thing goes ahead, and that's a very big 'if', it's going to be a fascinating social experiment that's for sure.

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    I can't watch the video at work, but it all sounds like a real life version of "Another Earth", a movie about a girl who writes an essay for a chance at a one way trip to a new Earth-like planet that has been discovered and then deals with what happens in the lead up to the trip.

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    I wouldn't go (at least not until they can do return trips!) but even if I did want to go I wouldn't want to be in the first batch of people. Let the pioneers iron out the kinks in the technology first.

    I can understand the desire to leave earth in favour of a clean slate but yeh, as stated there would likely be a requisite skill set you need to bring. The whole idea interests me quite a bit, sort of the "next step forward" for mankind etc. but you would want to know a few things before going into it such as what kind of governments would be in place, tasks expected of you, prospects and how much of earth culture we would be bringing with us as well as how much preexisting bullshit that the colonising a new planet would theoretically be designed to avoid yet still makes it along for the trip anyway.

    I can understand the desire to leave, the only thing that kept me from applying was missing out on all the games and tv shows and comics and movies I love :P

      But those things could be uploaded onto a server on Mars!

        I thought that cost a tonne of money to do that or something, I swear I remember reading that somewhere, if not, this changes everything...

          If you read the Mars-One site it says that people will be able to watch all the movies etc they have on Earth. They'll even be able to browse the web with their favourite websites being uploaded each day but anything else would have a time delay (7-22 minutes) because of the distance.

            Well, let's just see how these first guys go.

              I removed your only excuse, you have to sign up now. It's the law.

              You can make your own laws once you get to Mars.

                Yeah, but after seeing the kind of people I'd be stuck with, possibly for the rest of my life, I am less eager.

    Jesus, this just appears to be a bunch of people looking for a way to escape their lives.

    Seriously though, why does anyone think this is real? If a company had the billions of dollars *right now* (which they don't) and had everything perfectly worked out, and started today, they *might* get to the point where they could send a ship big enough to hold that many people to mars, and put it in orbit.
    Sending enough stuff to start a colony?? Not a chance, even if the insane budget required were achievable.
    Which it isn't.

    Interesting social experiment though. It looked like everyone in the video was just really looking for someone to tell them they love them enough to not let them go.

    I'm not going to single any one out from the video but some of those people seem like straight up SCI FI stereotypes that would snap and likely murder everyone on that MARS trip. Where are the real candidates? Please tell me they have some real engineers, biologists, botanists etc...

      Real engineers, biologists and botanists I imagine would be living accomplished lives.. most of these people seem like they have nothing left to live for on Earth. Its an interesting social experiment for sure.

    I cannot stand this video. it seems to me as if they are all just crying out for attention! All of them said that they would probably be persuaded if someone said they loved them or if they got engaged or what not. They're all saying how this is there life long dream and the next minute they're saying that they would probably stay on earth if someone said that they loved them.

    Not to be rude but they don't really seem like the people that we should be sending, none of them seem overly qualified for it, why would we send a bee keeper or hair stylist? They seem to all want to go because they like SCI FI. As Ozzy Onya A2Z said shouldn't we be sending "engineers, biologists, botanists etc...", these types of people seem more qualified to build a civilisation and conduct research on mars.

    Also shouldn't the applicants be younger? If this is going to happen in ten years wouldn't we want people in their 20s and early 30s at the moment? Probably also want applicants who seem less depressed (again not trying to be rude), all the people in this video seem unhappy with their life on earth, but I'm pretty life on earth would be million times better than life with three other people on a different planet.

    I think i just hate this video because they're acting as if they have already been chosen to be sent to Mars.

    Browse a bit around history books; not the kind that give abbreviated, generalised account of events to create a causal narrative, but rather the ones that focus on the day-by-day of people involved. Whenever there has been a massive migration of people to a foreign land, it has been the outcasts, the disposable, the mentally unbalanced, the lonely, suicidal, pauper, gullible, enslaved, tragically idealistic and even the criminals, who are selected/forced into or volunteer for it.

    Somehow, when faced with the adversities and unique challenges of settling a outpost in a foreign, unknown and likely hostile new land, that people become a tightly knit community capable of work hard and push together for their collective survival. Eventually, it all works. I see no difference here. All hail the pilgrims and the first settlers of a new future.

    I wrote a timeline for a scifi setting where I do short stories...and in twenty twenty the Mars one mission is a disaster. Oddly I hadnt heard of this before I wrote it so it is a prediction of a major space disaster. Also on the timeline is a nasa built space wheel that is shut down because the USA goes bankrupt around 2040 and Texas declares independence forming new Texas with the state of Mexico. Mexico City winds up with a colossal refugee camp on its outskirts.

    If I thought I had the slightest chance of getting into the first batch, I would've applied in a heartbeat. I find people who wouldn't apply just as baffling as you find people who do.

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