Someone’s Pretending To Be Obama While Playing Titanfall

Probably the best thing about these videos from GameSocietyPimps is that everyone involved is such a good sport. Often these “character plays a multiplayer first-person shooter” pranks lean toward the cruder side, but this impression artist stays in fairly true character. Imagine Key & Peele’s Obama skit but a little less…angry.

Y’know… This one.

But in these rounds, the audience participates by asking topical questions and “President Obama” answers them with the right balance of humour and relevance. It’s fun to see everyone getting along so well and enjoying each other’s company.

Here’s part two where he gets into the topic of aliens, gun control and the military:

And here’s the most recent clip, which, actually, seem to be the least funny one:

And don’t forget, that Affordable Care Act open enrollment deadline is approaching!


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