While You Were Sleeping

Welcome to While You Were Sleeping, also known around around my household as 'While Mark Serrels Was Playing Dark Souls II'. This is the news you might have missed while you were getting some well earned rest!

Someone's playing Titanfall. That isn't news. Someone is playing Titanfall whilst pretending to be Barack Obama. That's... probably still not news, but it is entertaining as hell. Go and check it out here.

And staying within the political sphere, Crimea's new Attorney General, it seems, has inspired quite the following in Japan, mainly because she looks like every anime character ever. Now she's actually responding to the fan art being created in her wake.

This is insane: after 16 hours of gaming and skulling enegy drinks, one Norwegian had kidney failure and fell into a coma. Whoa. Yeah, I don't mind the odd can of 'V' every now and then after a terrible night's sleep, but yeah. They're not great for you.

And finally the new inFamous game is actually pretty funny (in secret) and I'm having a blast with an Australian game called 'Bonza'.

In Short I Bought An Australian Game Called Bonza And It's Bonza Someone's Pretending To Be Obama While Playing Titanfall Crimea's New Attorney General Reacts To Her Internet Fandom New inFamous Game Is Secretly Pretty Funny 16 Hours Of Gaming + Too Much Energy Drinks = Kidney Failure, Coma


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