While You Were Sleeping

Hello Monday, that was quick. Couldn't you have given us another couple of days or something? Welcome to While You Were Sleeping: we talk about video games news you might have missed. Welcome!

Most of the big news from the weekend came courtesy of the VGX — tragically the closest gamers have to the Oscars or the Emmys. The best part of the awards, as always, were the teasers and trailers we got to check out for upcoming titles.

Surprisingly No Man's Sky, a brand new game by a relatively unknown developer, totally stole the show. You should definitely watch this trailer. Pretty special.

Folks waiting for their next look at Ubisoft's much vaunted next gen effort The Division were rewarded with this look at the Snowdrop Engine powering the game.

Oh, and Titanfall. There was a bit about Titanfall and one of the classes you'll be playing as.

The BioShock Infinite award acceptance might have been the best thing that happened at the show, and you have to see Joel from The Last of Us doing the Banderas.

In Short Wow, No Man's Sky Just Stole The Show At The VGX Here Is A Video Of Joel From The Last Of Us Doing The Banderas Meet The Ogre, A New Class You'll Be Playing In Titanfall The BioShock Infinite VGX Award Acceptance Was Wonderful The Division Show Off Its Snowdrop Engine In This New Trailer


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