Ubisoft Shows Off The Division's Next-Gen Engine

This is the "Snowdrop Engine" powering The Division, which spent about three minutes at the Spike VGX boasting of the detail it will deliver to "a chaotic and decayed New York City."

Not much in the way of gameplay, but If volumetric lighting, dynamic particle system and dynamic material shaders make you drool, then you'll want to watch this.


    Will have to watch it again when a proper HD video comes out

      *ahem* Youtube.

      yea for sure; looks pretty impressive even in low def however.

      will be interesting to see how it looks with more movement (people etc) rather than all stationary objects.

      very cool so far though.

    How is it related to Tom Clancy or his works in any shape or form.

      Clancy sold his game studio along with the rights to use him name to Ubi quite a while ago. He hasn't been involved with the games for quite a while just like Dick Smith.

        I see, so they use it like a brand, but people dont really go like "OH THE NEW TOM CLANCY GAME IS OUT IT MUST BE GOOD". They refer to rainbow six or splinter cell etc. It just seems weird to me that Ubi still use it.

      I think it is just a brand thing. Not actually based on his work but I think it's meant to have a similar feeling or atmosphere like other Tom Clancy games that are not connect to an existing work.

    I have no knowledge of The Division but that engine looks pretty damn good. The volumetric lighting especially. Mmph, this is my kind of porn.

    HD version on youtube here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgCGZwArC5o

    If the gameplay is done well this will be a really good game... lets hope :)

    I I'm actually more excited for this than I am for Destiny, truth be told.

    I'm just relieved that they decided to release it on PC!!!

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