The First Rule Of Final Fight Club Is...

The First Rule of Final Fight Club is...

"...don't eat hamburgers you find on the ground." Wait, that's not it.

The people behind 8-Bit Cinema (16-bit this time) bring you their latest demake of a classic movie. It's a video that begs the question: What do you know about yourself if you've never been in a 16-bit brawler? Previously we've seen their work with Batman and The Shining. This time, we get to see how Tyler Durden would look if he went all Streets of Rage on himself.

Just repeat to yourself: "His name was Mike Haggar. His name was Mike Haggar."

Cinefix via Laughing Squid


    Dude, you can't talk about Streets of Rage club either!

    Um, if it existed at all...

    (Yep, covered that nicely)

    Last edited 05/03/14 9:16 pm

    Remember how there was a Fight Club game released in 2004 for PS2 & Xbox? Yeah. That happened.

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