The PlayStation 4 Is Now $50 More Expensive In Canada

The PlayStation 4 Is Now $50 More Expensive In Canada

Today Sony Canada raised the console price from $399.99 to $449.99 Canadian, with similar increases applied to peripherals and first-party games.

Market watchers should have seen it coming. At current exchange rates, $399 Canadian is only $US359, so technically Canadians who managed to get their hands on the perpetually sold-out console were getting quite a deal before today. Markets are going to fluctuate, and Sony had to compensate, as explained in a statement issued by Sony Canada earlier this week.

“The PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system delivers phenomenal play experiences that will shape the world of games for years to come and has quickly become the next gen console of choice with gamers in Canada. To respond to changes in the market environment, the price of PlayStation 4 will be revised from CAD $US399.99 to $US449.99 MSRP.”

Along with the console price hike, the DualShock 4 and PlayStation Camera are now $US64.99 instead of $59.99 CDN, and first-party titles like MLB The Show 14 and Infamous: Second Son will be sold for $69.99 CDN, $10 more than the usual price.

PlayStation 4 price to go up by $US50 in Canada [ — Thanks, NinjaBlade!]


  • The Actuality is The American PS4 Market has suffered due to people importing the cheaper version from Canada to stop this we have increased the price there. The American Market is much larger than yours so we don’t care if we lose 2% sales there due to this increase so Canada we say “Screw You”.

    • They may not actually be saying “screw you” to Canada. As the article notes the PS4 is “perpetually sold-out” in Canada. Probably because so many from the US are buying out Canadian supplies…

  • With the way Sony is going in its other non-profitable departments i was curious as to how long they could sustain losses on their biggest piece of hardware… i don’t think Sony will be dropping the price of the PS4 anytime soon….

    • Given the numbers they’re selling at the current price point, I can’t imagine why they would even consider a price cut anytime soon. They’re probably wishing they’d priced it higher to begin with.

  • I’ve also noticed a bit of a price creep on 3DS titles too!
    $45 CAD (currently par with AUD) for a 3DS game? Outrageous!

  • I knew it wouldn’t be long before Sony screwed Australia over. Oh Wait…. IT’S NOT US?!?

    • Even after the price increase Australia is still paying just over a hundred dollars more, so don’t worry you’re still getting screwed.

      • Something, something exchange rate… Something, something doesn’t include taxes…

        • Think he is talking about the exchange rate and I think the Canadian price is including taxes.

  • That’s a bit rough.
    Back a few years ago, when the AUD was on the rise, Sony announced that they wouldn’t change pricing as markets change all the time. They couldn’t just go around changing prices as markets change.

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