While You Were Sleeping

Morning all, welcome to While You Were Sleeping. You are now awake. Not too long ago you were sleeping. This is the news you might have missed.

You know how the internet is just swimming with articles about how Nintendo should be learning 'this thing' from 'this company', or doing 'this thing' so they can be 'saved'? Yeah, well the Prime Minister of Japan totally thinks the entire country of Japan can learn from Nintendo. Yeah, take that industry commentators.

This is one of my favourite things from yesterday: video game screen burn in is a thing of the past really, and that's a good thing. But this intense burn-in on a super old CRT has actually become legitimate art. I love this.

This religious looking Star Wars art is cool because, well, some people treat Star Wars like a religion. And speaking of science fiction universes — this is totally how Star Trek should have been rebooted.

Finally, Metal Gear Solid V just got real.

In Short Japanese Prime Minister Thinks Country Can Learn From Nintendo Star Wars Art Doesn't Get Any More Religious Than This How Star Trek Should Have Been Rebooted Metal Gear Solid V Just Got Real Video Game Screen Burn In Is Damage But Also Art


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