While You Were Sleeping

Morning friends. Tis Friday, and the end of a mostly sleepless week for me. Teething toddler and Dark Souls makes Mark a tired boy. This is the news you might have missed while my son was screaming bloody murder.

I doubt you missed this if you checked Kotaku at any point over the last 12 hours, but in case you did — Titanfall is getting servers in Australia! Vince Zampella from Respawn broke the news last night. We'll hopefully have a bit more detail on how that'll work today.

Why do memes stop getting funny. Head to this story to find out. My guess is they just get overused. Simple as that.

Looks like the Rockstar bosses got themselves a BAFTA in the UK, this shows why pro wrestling is way better with Sonic and Gabe Newell, and why not let Nintendo characters show you what's cool about the Wii U.

In Short Australia And New Zealand To Get Titanfall Servers Grand Theft Auto Bosses Make Another Rare, Welcome Appearance Let Nintendo Characters Show You What's Cool About The Wii U Why Memes Stop Being Funny Pro Wrestling Is So Much Better With Sonic And Gabe Newell


    Sleeping? Who sleeps when they're playing Dark Souls 2?

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