A Closer Look At One Of The Prettiest Dungeon Crawlers Out There

Video: Straight out of PAX East 2014, here’s Below, a serene dungeon crawler from Capy, the company behind Clash of Heroes and Sword & Sworcery. It’s hard to capture just how pretty this game really is, but we did what we could.


  • I dont really get this game, from what I can see (Which is admittedly not much from this video) its just a guy slowly walking very slowly through an average looking world without doing anything.

  • Bastion was beautifully crafted too but it was, i dunno, slow
    The response times to user input was excruciatingly slow so I just couldn’t get into it

  • The visuals have piqued my interest, but the gameplay seems lackluster from this video. Obviously I’ll wait to see some actual gameplay footage before I judge it though.

  • The off screen cam footage didn’t help. I would like to see an official game play trailer or something.

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