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Steven Universe RPG Coming To Consoles This Winter

In 2015 Cartoon Network Games and developer Grumpyface Studios released Steven Universe: Attack the Light, one of the best mobile role-playing games ever. This winter they’re back and on game consoles with Steven Universe: Save the Light.

Super Time Force Is Coming To Steam Soon

Briefly: Formerly an Xbox One and Xbox 360 exclusive, the time-screwing action platformer hits Valve’s digital storefront in coming weeks as Super Time Force Ultra. Yeah, that’s STFU for short.

Below Will Be Timed Exclusive For Xbox One

Below Will Be Timed Exclusive For Xbox One

Capybara Games, the The Sword & Sworcery team, clarified that their upcoming game Below is a timed exclusive: It will appear on the Xbox One first, and “after a period of time”, the game will appear on other platforms.