A New Glimpse At What Lies Below

At this stage I'd probably say Below is my most anticipated game on Xbox One, but I know so little about it. This latest trailer doesn't give us that much more to go on, but I think that may be what I enjoy most — the mystery of it.

What I love most is the scale of it. The feeling of being small. It makes the scenery and the environment seem so powerful, makes the art looks so clean and stark. Apparently Below is playable at PAX East, which is taking place in the US right now. That makes me jealous of the US team who are over in Boston currently.

The big news from the above trailer is that Below looks set for release on Steam as well as Xbox One, given the logo at the end of the trailer. So that's now an option for those who don't want to pick up an Xbox One. But if I remember correctly Below is a timed exclusive, so no idea what the delay on the PC release might be...


    So glad this has a Steam release. I want to play this so bad.

    It's releasing on Xbox and PC same time now. The devs are self publishing it now.

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