An Entire Nintendo Console Generation In One Image

An Entire Nintendo Console Generation In One Image

Redditor OhioStateBuck has collected every Nintendo 64 cartridge released in North America. Doesn't seem like much, does it? Blame it on those cartridges.

Nintendo's choice of game delivery device wasn't the only reason the Nintendo 64 wound up with such a comparatively small library, but those expensive cartridges sure didn't help. While competitor Sony's original PlayStation wound up with more than 1000 games pressed onto relatively cheap CDs, the entire North American Nintendo 64 library consists of 296 games.

All 296 are in the OhioStateBuck's collection, as well as variant builds (there was no patching via the internet back then) and colour variants. It's a lovely tribute to the final days of the game cartridge.

I own four Nintendo 64 consoles, but only three games. I have some catching up to do.

Complete N64 collection with all color variants. [Reddit]


    296 golden games of awesome


    Last edited 28/04/14 8:39 am

    "It’s a lovely tribute to the final days of the game cartridge."

    Uhh, what does the 3DS use again? (Y'know, 12-15 years after the '64 was Discontinued)

    There might have been 1000+ games on the Playstation, but the quality to crap ratio wasn't very good.

    There were some stinkers, but in general number of complete garbage nightmare games on the 64 was very low.

      Yeah I was gonna say on average even though less games, the quality would be higher. It's one of many reason Nintendo kept cartridges, it let them control who used them.

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