Atlus Confirms Persona 4 Is Coming To PS3

It will be a digital download of the PS2 version and will cost $US10 when it's out on April 8. If you don't own a Vita, and you have never played a Persona game, and you are a human being who likes good times, you simply need to play this game.

If you have a Vita though, or you're thinking of getting one, the Vita version has a few extra features this edition won't (some cutscenes, items and social links), so it's the one to go for.


    Such an important title deserves HD release on PS3 though.

      I'd rather them focus on Persona 5. With all the spin offs and stuff I think they've milked P4 pretty much dry already. Besides, it isn't really the type of game that HD would do a lot for, the vita version looks good enough for me.

        I beg your pardon, but I didn't mean a HD remake, however my comment was ignorant none the less; I thought Vita's native resolution would have been substantially higher than that of PS2 era TVs and that P4G would count as 'HD', but further investigation shows me I was quite mistaken.

        I haven't tried a PS2 game on my PS3 + modern TV before - what should I expect?

    Even if it doesnt have all the extra stuff P4G has. It still has Chie...and really, isn't that all it needs.

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    Any word on if it has 'cross-play' so you can share saves? I have it on Vita and would love to play it on a TV instead, while I don't mind paying again for it, I really don't want to restart.

    April 8th and 9th have been and gone. And every hour or so I check still no Persona it actually coming or is this just copy and paste journalism?

      Any news about this? Its now October...what happened?...Kotaku?...anyone?

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