EA Sports UFC Will Have A Free Playable Demo

Video game demos: we don't see enough of them. Once upon a time I would make full purchasing decisions based on the quality of a demo, so good on the EA Sports team for promising a demo of upcoming release EA Sports UFC.

After being asked on twitter if a demo for the game would be made available in the weeks leading to the game's 17 June release date, the official EA Sports twitter account replied in the affirmative. We have no idea at this stage what that demo will look like or when it will be released.

Considering that EA Sports UFC is a largely unknown quantity (particularly when compared to EA's other sports juggernauts like FIFA or Madden) a demo for its debut UFC game makes a lot of sense.

In fact, one of my all time favourite demos was a debut EA Sports game: the demo for SKATE. I reckon that demo must have convinced thousands upon thousands of people to splash cash on the full priced product.

More demos please. I demand a return to the halcyon days of demos!

Via Joystiq


    A free playable demo? As opposed to all those demos we're paying for?

    *insert Steam punchline*

    See, I've let demos influence a lot of my purchases too. They've turned curiosity or even outright distrust into must-have purchases. Some particularly striking titles that I remember spending hours of demo-play with before NEEDING the full purchase: Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, Wolfenstein, Crusader: No Remorse, Doom, Duke 3D, Quake, Little Big Adventure, Command & Conquer, Half-Life, Kingdom O' Loathing, Wing Commander/Privateer, Tomb Raider, Sim City/Tower/Copter/whatever, Heroes of Might & Magic 2, Normality, Strife, Terra Nova, Resident Evil 2, Alone in the Dark, Age of Empires 2, Gangsters, Dark Forces 1 & 2: Jedi Knight, G-Police, Syndicate, Syndicate Wars, Terminal Velocity, Imperium Galactica 2, Castle of the Winds, Rise of the Triad, Descent 2, Lemmings, XIII, Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines, Medal of Honor, Incubation, Castles 1 & 2, Lords of the Realm 2, Return Fire, Battlechess, Raptor, The Settlers 2, The Neverhood, Chaos Overlords, War Wind... the list goes on! Hell, even in recent years, Steam has a catalogue of demos which outright convinced me to stop fence-sitting. Eg: The Stanley Parable, Gunpoint, Prime World: Defenders, Orcs Must Die!, Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes, Space Pirates & Zombies, Magicka, Recettear, Gyromancer, Trine, Plants vs Zombies, Zeno Clash, WH40K: Dawn of War... Fact is, if your demo is good, I'm probably gonna buy your game.

    But the conventional wisdom in the developer world is that game demos actually HARM sales. And I really can't help but think... Maybe it only harms your game if your game isn't very good, because game demos have made me buy - not pirate - good games. God knows I've played (arrrr) a few pretty good games that I then haven't actually felt the need to buy later (with a few exceptions, like Max Payne 3, which I knew I would play twice), because I got my fill on what I played. Whereas a demo would have whet my appetite for the purchase.

    But hey, they have the numbers, so they must be right, huh?

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    I played TONS of the UFC Undisputed demo when it came out back in the day.
    Shogun vs Machida over and over again!

    Good to see EA have enough faith in the gameplay that they’re letting people get hands on with it before they buy.
    I think of all the sports on the planet that you’re going to get hardcore technicians going over it with a fine tooth comb UFC will be it.

    Will this be coming out for 360?

      Last I heard it was only coming to next (so current) gen consoles being PS4 and Xbone

    Screw a demo... just show me some actual gameplay at this point!

    I just hope this game isn't a piece of shit like EA: MMA. OOOH it better not be

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