Finding Battlefield 4's Latest Secret Took A Lot Of Work

The latest Battlefield 4 DLC, Naval Strike, has another secret assignment called "Phantom Trainee". Finding out how to unlock it involved a fake player, morse code, the viking alphabet and a bunch of other crazy secrets.

YouTuber JackFrags walks us through the process of how the secrets were unlocked in he video above. You have to open up the console using the phantom program icon on the bottom left corner of the battlelog leaderboard and use the password "bumpinthenight" to unlock the Phantom Program. Then the next password is "epic dream worlds" (with spaces). Then you're just a few hundred kills away from a fancy new camo unlock!

Finding Battlefield 4's Latest Secret Took A Lot Of Work

Phantom Trainee Password [JackFrags]


    So you cant access this on the consoles :(

      Console players are lesser beings.

        Pc players are just cheap :)

          Actually we are everything but cheap, we spend way more than consoles gamers, and enjoy more

            actually pc gamers are cheap because most of them dont buy any games! Thats why there are a lot of games coming to consoles only/first just like gta

          We're cheap because we pay more to build custom computers than console gamers pay to buy their un-modifyable consoles?

      Public libraries have internet enabled PCs you can use to log onto battlelog with.

      Just load up battlelog in the browser and follow the instructions. Next time you log in to the console it picks it up.
      I did notice that the little phantom logo didn't show up on a mobile browser though

        Would it show up on the battlelog from a a tablet?(nexus 7)if I opened it from its chrome browser instead of just accessing battlelog from the app?

      Sure you can! Just need a pc for the battlelog leaderboard part. I'm halfway to mine right now on xbox 360

      U can access it on console u just have to sign in to battlelog on a pc

    So you have silly overly complicated games to unlock an assignment that gives a cammo. This is what a developer does when their core game is broken. Super fans would rather waste time doing this than actually play.

    I thought this was old news. I set it up a week after I got BF4 - and i'm about half way through the assignment - but only because I haven't played BF4 in weeks.

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